Tree Care That’s Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly, and (Most Importantly) Kicks Tree Pests to the Curb

With our premium tree care service, bark / pine beetles, borers, scale insects, mites, mealybugs, adelgids, aphids, leaf beetles, lacebugs, leaf miners, whiteflies, oak wilts, hypoxylon cankers, and virtually every other tree pest are a thing of the past.

Trained and Certified

Relying upon more than a decade of research, Arborjet products restores health to trees threatened by unwanted pests and diseases. This innovative trunk injection system is the environmentally-friendly, pest-removing solution that restores tree health and promotes their wellness for years to come.

How Arborjet Works


Hole Drilled

We begin by drilling a small hole in the infested tree.


Plug Inserted

Next, we insert the Arborplug into the tree hold.


Dose Injected

We inject the treatment into the infected tree.


Tree Heals

The tree grows right back over the ultra-small Arborplug.

Working With Us

Call for a Free Quote Over the Phone

Call us and we’ll give you a free quote over the phone. That means no nonsense, no hassle, and no annoying sales follow-ups. Just clear, upfront pricing—the way it should be.

Choose the Tree Care the Pros Trust

Trusted by the cities of Chicago and Milwaukee and the USDA Forest Service, Arborjet tree injections are quite literally the go-to solution for those who need healthy trees.

Get the Expert Care Your Trees Need—Fast

Once you have your quote, we’ll schedule an Arborjet tree injection that works with your schedule. The application takes just minutes, so you’ll be back to your day in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

An effort at making the answers you want easy to get at a glance


Is Treatment Expensive?

Arborjet tree injections are not only one of the most effective tree care solutions, but they’re also one of the most affordable.


Why Don't You Post Pricing Online?

In short, every situation is a little different, but just a few questions to help us understand your situation (almost always) gives us what we need to provide a free quote over the phone.


Is It Safe for Kids & Pets?

Yes! Because Arborjet is injected directly into the trunk of the tree and then sealed, you and your loved ones are free to enjoy your yard as usual!


Do You Treat Other Tree Problems?

Yes! We also use the Arborjet OTC systemic micro-injectable antibiotic to treat fire blight, leaf spot, bacterial leaf scorch, phytoplasma disease, and more. 


Does the Treatment (Actually) Work?

While we can’t save every tree, Arborjet is the solution some of the largest cities and even the USDA Forest Service trust to keep their trees pest-free.


How Long Does Treatment Take?

We’re typically only on your property for a matter of minutes. Honestly, it may be the quickest, most affordable, least time-consuming service call you ever make. How’s that for awesome?!


How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Arborjet treatments last up to 2 years, so your trees should be pest-free for years to come.


Do You Guys Know What You're Doing?

Fair question! At some tree care companies, you’re an “expert” after a couple of weeks of training. At Rozell Tree Care, our technician has been treating East Texas trees for nearly 2 decades. Plus, he’s Arborjet trained & certified.

Contact Us

Rozell Tree Care has been preserving and restoring tree health in Tyler, Texas, and the surrounding East Texas area for nearly 2 decades. Don’t wait and don’t entrust the health of your trees to big box “experts.” Trust an Arborjet-certified professional to give your trees the care they need.

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